Month: July 2022

WFC’s world’s first metaverse virtual reality game will be launched soon

According to official news from WFC, the world’s first metaverse virtual reality augmented version of the game will be launched soon. The game can be combined with real-world sports events. Players can experience the game scene and the real-world event exchange function in the game. The game is expected to open for registration when the […]

She quit university due to an alcohol problem. Now sober, she landed a $35K scholarship

Laura Eamon was a few months into her first semester at Carleton University in 2011 when she was taken from a residence party to hospital by paramedics. Embarrassed by being carried out in front of her fellow students, her mindset changed when she was discharged and returned to campus in Ottawa. “People are cheering and chanting, and […]

More Countries and Businesses will Embrace Web3

  Blockchain is the most promising innovative technology that emerged in recent years. It will completely change the way a generation lives, works and interacts. As the next-generation Internet architecture, Web 3.0 is built on decentralized technologies such as blockchain, peer-to-peer networks, and other technologies. It can access information without going through a central server, […]

NSW reports 1,220 cases and eight deaths; Victoria premier attacks ‘secret’ vaccine allocations to Sydney – As it happened | Australia news

I have a lot of sympathy for the prime minister’s position. It would not matter if it was the Labor prime minister or another prime minister. I think we ask a lot of our prime ministers … We expect them to govern the country effectively. That is fine. They volunteer for this job, I know, […]

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