WFC’s world’s first metaverse virtual reality game will be launched soon

According to official news from WFC, the world’s first metaverse virtual reality augmented version of the game will be launched soon. The game can be combined with real-world sports events. Players can experience the game scene and the real-world event exchange function in the game. The game is expected to open for registration when the 22nd World Cup goes live.

Web3Football is the world’s first decentralized and Ethereum-compatible multi-collateral, cross-chain, community-owned all-in-one WEB3 service platform, and the Web3Football Network is protected under WFC’s shared security model, thus ensuring high elasticity and no division Fork upgradability, can use smart contracts or built-in protocols, has out-of-the-box cross-chain functions and strong security, can connect various WEB3 applications, and provide financial activities for all chains on the WFC network. and liquidity issues: Stability of financial instruments through the Honzon protocol – a sound and stable currency for low-cost, borderless value transfer across all blockchains connected in the network; liquidity of collateralized WFC – Extract all the derived value of WFC and power more financial activities without compromising overall network security, in addition to AMM DEX, which helps users borrow USD and manage outstanding loans, mortgage to earn interest in USDT, in the future Centralized exchanges trade tokens, participate in the governance of WFC holders, earn more income, etc. Users only need to pay a small gas fee to provide support for cross-blockchain open financial applications. It is reported that in order to make WFC more decentralized and fair, the official group push has transferred 10% of the total WFC to Vitalic’s wallet address, and destroyed 1% to enhance its scarcity.

The 22nd World Cup is getting closer and closer, and fans around the world are already very excited. WFC officially announced that millions of World Cup tickets will be given away before the start of the World Cup, and there will also be an equal amount of WFC airdrops. Fans and project supporters continue to Follow the latest developments in WFC.

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